End of 2017…beginning of a blog

What better way to finish 2017/start 2018 with an actual blog. Yes, you may not have realised but I deleted my blog a few years ago as the pressure of having to write posts got way too much. I know this may sound a bit odd but I always felt like I was failing and it was one side of my business I was really embarrassed about so yes I deleted the whole thing. Fast forward to now and not only have I finally, albeit about 10 years too late, realised the importance of a blog, I have found more and more than I want to communicate my own voice and simply say what is on my mind. Over the last 6 months I have been documenting my life on Instastories and thoroughly enjoyed harping on about weddings, egg freezing, walking and just general life… I have had such a great reception with it and the realisation that humans do exist outside of my four walls. I have since drawn up a list of posts I am going to writing about in 2018. These range of wedding planning ideas, my favourite wedding venues all the way through to personal photographic projects I am working on and I may even throw one in their about my favourite subject for 2018.. egg freezing.. Yeah!

So end of 2017.. I know what you’re thinking… ‘’Another boring blog post with hundreds and hundreds of pictures of weddings’’…(obviously I know you’re way too polite to say it out loud though) …. Well I have actually decided to mix things up a little bit to keep you all enthralled with my year of life in 2017. Yes I will be featuring weddings that I have photographed but I am also going to throw a bit of commercial work in and the odd picture of my boyfriend for good measure.

The first major thing that happened this year was the relaunch of my website (have a look here) . I had spent years knowing it needed a good old update and this year my sister took a major life leap and started her own website design company called Pump… brilliant!! We spent months working together and I am so happy with it. What’s even more fun is the about me video that both her and her boyfriend (another wedding photographer in-fact) created for me…. it has had such a great response as I really think clients can now get a proper sense of the real me way before we meet.

Last year was actually a pretty quiet one for me in terms of weddings as I was concentrating on renovating my new flat in Bristol which I am very happy to say (apart from getting curtains, painting the bathroom, door bell, lampshades, bedside tables etc etc) is finished!!  I don’t actually have any pictures of it yet (as it is never tidy) but it is on the new blog ideas list for the new year.

Although I normally photograph a few more than 10 weddings a year I actually like to keep my numbers pretty low.. This isn’t because I charge loads and have a huge ego but because I can’t really fit many more in around my commercial work, volunteering/teaching and just general life. Anyway I feel like I am making excuses but I was never going to be a wedding photographer who photographed hundreds of weddings a year (some actually do!!) and I am ok with that and finally confident enough to admit this to a wedding world sometimes a little too obsessed with these kinds of numbers.

So here we go… actual pictures.. I am a photographer after all….

Firstly a few wedding images from all 10 of the weddings I have photographed this year and to see where they were and who was involved I have put a list of contacts at the very end.

A huge THANK YOU to all my amazing couples this year I honestly can not fault one of you… You know the first question everyone always asks you when you say that you are a wedding photographer? .. ‘’Oooooo what’s the worst bridezilla you’ve ever had?’’  Well here’s thing … A real life Bridezilla is pretty rare and I can 100% confirm that none of you even remotely entered this territory (or even Groomzilla land) at all this year so THANK YOU for making my life very very lovely, happy and pretty easy to be honest.

As well as weddings this year I have photographed quite a few commercial jobs including Tots to Travel (a child-friendly holiday company I have worked with for quite a few years … dream job!!), various commercial portraits and this year excitingly I have started working with Air BnB photographing properties. It is honestly so much fun and I absolutely love properly playing ‘Thrrrrough The Keyhole’ … they are a fabulous company to work with .. I am saying that right now because they have just given me a $50 gift voucher for a future Air BnB booking! Yay!

My boyfriend, Frank, has featured in quite a bit of my photography this year as we have been away on quite a few adventures together to Wales, Devon, Symonds Yat to name a few.  Our next one is to Warsaw in February and I can’t wait for many more adventures as everyday is pretty special and unique when he is around. Here are a few cheesy selfies of us and just a select few of him which, to be honest, are mainly of his beautiful hair (I am a little obsessed/jealous) 

Lastly, I have been working on a few personal projects which I am going to give loads more attention in the next few months as we are out of wedding season now. These include a project about my Nana and Bampa, their bungalow in South Wales and my Bampa’s paintings of the landscape. Most recently I have started to work on a project about trees… I have always had a fascination with their power and majesty and want to see if I can document this through photography. Last week I was in Wales climbing Snowdon so for good measure I thought I would throw a couple of these in too.

So I have realised that it is pretty hard to write about ones whole year in a post without sounding like a Christmas round robin letter however, even if you have got very bored and not even reached this point I like the fact that I am going to be keeping these for years to come and they will act as my own personal memory album.

‘’What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn

that since day one

she’s already had everything she needs within herself

it’s the world that convinced her she did not

– Rupi Kaur.

As a little side-note.. cause I know you want to read more of my ramblings … Whilst going through my wedding pictures from this year I have noticed that I always take the same picture of the bride’s hands…. I realised this a few years ago but have never seen them as a group, together…..Hands that are waiting, getting ready, feeling the anticipation of a ring that is soon to be placed on one of its fingers…

‘’….I love hands like I love people. They are the maps and compasses with which we navigate our way through life….’’

-Sarah Kay

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