Married couple photographed in garden

How to pose without posing

One of the most common things I hear when I first meet couples is: “I hate having my photo taken’’ or “Can you please tell me the best way to stand/look?” I get it, I really do. Have you ever met a photographer who likes having their photo taken? In this post I explain how to look your best in wedding photos and how to pose without posing.

Now when I hear these questions my heart does sink a little as I know it is partly the wedding industry that is to blame. We (and I feel like it is mainly brides I am sad to say) are all told that there is a certain way we ‘should’ look for our wedding day. Whether that is the big white dress we think we should wear in our skinny, spray tanned body or if it’s the plastered on make-up with the classic up-do. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely think that all these things have their place but it is this idea of what we think we ‘should’ look like and ‘should’ be doing/posing that always gets to me.

When we see pictures of ourselves we often don’t look at what we ‘look’ like. We are feeling what we see. We remember how we felt in that moment and that then transcends into how we see ourselves in that picture. If it was a happy moment and we were smiling and relaxed then this will be exactly what we see and therefore fall in love with that moment or picture all over again. Conversely if it was a stressful moment and we are captured smiling but a little uptight and not relaxed then that is exactly the moment and feeling we will be transported back to when we look at the picture again.

How do you think you will feel on your wedding day? I’m pretty confident you are going to be feeling just a little bit happy – ecstatic I like to think. This is what is going to shine through so I don’t want to be telling you how to ‘look’ because you will feel and look absolutely amazing!

Yes, we all have what we think are our good sides and ways to make our bingo wings a little less obvious, but I promise on your wedding day these are going to be the furthest thing from your mind. You just got bloody married to the love of your life!! You are going to look amazingly happy whatever the angle so take the pressure off and just enjoy the moment.

At some point during the day I will whisk you both off (but not for very long) to take some pictures of just you two. I don’t really call it a couple shoot as I like to refer to it as ‘time out’. We will simply go for a walk in some hopefully beautiful sunlight, with a drink in your hand and your new husband/wife at your side. This is time for you to really speak to each other and tell each other, in private, your memories and favourite bits so far, what you got up to in the morning and just how incredible you both feel.  You’ll be surprised on your wedding day how little time you actually get to spend with each other one on one, apart from the exchange of vows bit which is obviously a very important part. The rest of the time all your guests will be vying for your attention.

This is it. This is your 10-20 minutes you can look at each other as husband and wife (or husband and husband or wife and wife of course) and exclaim – wow we did it!!

I will simply be in the background capturing these moments and feelings as they materialise and when you look back at your pictures it will be these feelings and memories you remember.

I hope that helps a bit with explaining why posing is something that you definitely should not be stressing over. You will look amazing, be amazing and most importantly FEEL AMAZING and it is my job to simply document this so you can remember this incredible moment forever.