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Cheryl and David got in touch at the last minute for their wedding in Kew Gardens, and I was thrilled that I was able to help them out and shoot a fabulous day for them. The wedding spanned 3 different conservatories at Kew, but before that I captured Cheryl getting ready at Dean St Townhouse. I always enjoy these ‘behind the scenes’ moments as so much personality comes through in them. The whole day could not have gone more to plan and this was by no means a small feet given the 3 different locations and 300 guests. The military operation was run by one of the best in the business Anna at Brides and Glory. The first stop on the Kew Tour was the Jewish ceremony in Nash Conservatory, which all took place under the most beautifully back lit Chuppah expertly decorated in flowers by Bloomin Gayles. The drinks reception was in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and featured a lively Mariachi band to get everyone in the mood, but not before I’d taken the couple to nab a few portrait shots in the world renowned grounds. The evening reception in the Orangery was livelier still, with traditional Jewish dancing and, once the guests had grabbed a tablecloth, an airborne groom!